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About The Donabe

What is a Donabe?

A Donabe is one of Japans oldest cooking vessels and if handled correctly it will last decades. It's made from a special kind of clay which also gives the Donabe its name, as it literally means "earthenware pot". The material has perfect properties to make the Donabe capable of operating at very high temperatures, over the open flame & in the oven as opposed to other earthenware products. Donabe are still manufacturing in their area of origin, the Iga province in Japan. 

What can you do with a Donabe?

It can be used for a large variety of tasks such as cooking rice, stews, soups, traditional Nabemono & Shabu-Shabu, noodles, making crispy Bibimbap style rice, mixed rice dishes, slow cooking and much more. You can let your creativity go nuts!

What is special about the Asemi Co. Donabe?

First, our Donabe has a special shape that allows it to be used on european electric cooking stoves in addition to the traditional way of cooking on a gas flame. Secondly, the Asemi Co. Donabe is modular and you can add a steam basket to enjoy freshly steamed veggies while cooking your broth for example. Over the time we will add more parts to give this already versatile product even more capabilities. Thirdly, our Donabe makes a perfect rice cooker, as we added rims on the lid which catch and distribute the vaporised water evenly over the rice you're cooking providing a perfect evenly cooked rice. 
In addition to those reasons, our Donabe is a hand crafted product and will probably outlast all your other kitchen appliances, if treated correctly! 

How do you cook with it?

Now, you can do so much with a Donabe, isn't using it complicated? Let us give you simple.. No. A brand new Donabe has to be prepared before you start using it. You can either boil water in it for a couple of hours and let it dry again or fill it with water and let it sit over night before cooking your first meal. This properly prepares the clay for every upcoming task. 

Then cooking with the Asemi Co. Donabe is pretty straight up, add your ingredients and heat it up! 

Why is cooking with a Donabe so healthy?

The 100% natural material of the our Donabe is free of any chemicals and metals. It heats up food slowly and evenly which allows a gentle cooking process. You don't just burn the vitamins out of your ingredients. Our steam basket allows you to use the vapour of your cooking meals to steam additional ingredients, steaming being one of the most vitamin & nutrient preserving ways of cooking.