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The Asemi Co. Bizen­-yaki cup embodies the archetype of potteries.

Each of our Bizen-Yaki cups is a unique piece with the appearance varying from rough unglazed grey to smooth copper and brown. The grey look is achieved through a technique called “Sangiri”, in which charcoal is added close to the cups in the firing process.


Bizen-yaki, named after its place of origin in Okayama Prefecture, is said to be the oldest form of pottery in Japan.

The pottery technique of Bizen-yaki makes the outcome of the firing process unpredictable, thus making each cup a piece of art. The process begins with the preparation of the raw clay. The clay is collected from the hills and sometimes mixed with  a combination of clay from different locations. It contains a lot of iron and organic matter, resulting in a rough finish of the potteries.  There are are several techniques which give Bizen-Yaki its unique look. The burning of rice straw or pine wood alongside the potteries will result in a reddish brown color and the ashes covering them in a smoother finish. The location of the pottery placed in the kiln is of great importance for the outcome of the finish, but since it is dependant of a lot of factors, it is hard to control and the style and technique of the artisan creating the pottery plays a great role.

Bizen ware takes a long time to finish. Once the kiln is fired, it has to be kept burning for one to two weeks non stop, feeding it new firewood every few minutes. This difficult and exhausting process leads to artisans firing their kilns only once or twice a year.

This very special procedure with the unpredictable result is reflected in our Asemi Co. Bizen-yaki cups. Numbers of these cups produced each year are very small. Asemi Co. Bizen-yaki cups are made by the artisan Kiko Ando in Bizen, Okayama.






The Packaging

Asemi Artisan Bizen-Yaki cups are carefully wrapped into a single custom made sheet of recycled cardboard,
held close tightly by an informative sticker. On top of each package, over our hand screen-printed logo, we place a stamp which states the month our limited cups are burnt in the wood fired kiln & give each cup a number from within the batch.

Asemi Artisan備前焼カップは、リサイクル段ボールを使用したオリジナルの梱包材で入念に包んであり、商品情報を記したステッカーでしっかりと封をしています。各パッケージの上部には、手作業のシルクスクリーン印刷によるロゴが入っており、この上に窯入れを行なった月とカップの限定数、シリアルナンバーを示すスタンプを押しています。