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Asemi Tea

Japanese Green Tea "Tamaryokucha" and Roasted Green Tea "Houjicha" from Kyuushu

Asemi Tea from Ooyama Sei Chaen

Our Japanese Green Tea "Tamaryokucha" and Roasted Green Tea "Houjicha" is being passionately produced by the tea farm Ooyama Sei Chaen. In the mountains of the western shoreline of Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyuushu, the internationally renowned tea is carefully produced by Japanese standards.


"Tamaryokucha" is made of the young leaves of the tea plant through a steaming and rolling process. It has a mellow but very deep aroma with an aftertaste, resembling of almond and berries.




"Houjicha" is made of the young stems of the plant which get its nutty flavor by roasting. It is a common tea in Japan and can be served hot or cold throughout the day because of its low caffeine level.