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Asemi Hasami

Asemi Hasami cups are high quality porcelain cups, suited for every day use. 


The pure white porcelain is glazed in a wide variety of colors and individual finishes. The Asemi Hasami-Yaki collection will grow steadily and include more patterns, colors, finishes and motives. From wide availability to smaller limited editions. 


Hasami-Yaki cups are manufactured in the small town of Hasami, which is located in Nagasaki province on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Hasami has a rich ceramic manufacturing history, reaching back over 400 years. Walking though the town surrounded by mountains you can still see and feel the old porcelain tradition which shows in every small detail, from porcelain covered handrails to the big old kiln chimneys, scattered all over the valley.


Visiting the Manufacturer

Asemi Hasami first impressions