About Soma

Ōbori Soma-Yaki is an over 400-year-old pottery style from Fukushima, Japan, famous for its distinctive “Blue Cracks” glaze.


The “Blue Cracks” glaze is established by the different shrinkage factor between the clay and the glaze. When the enamel is cracking in the kiln it starts “singing” as the glaze on every piece of pottery cracks and produces a beautiful sound.

Map Fukushima Soma Asemi
Soma Fukushima Peaches

In 2011 the birthplace of Soma-Yaki got destroyed by a tsunami and our artisan has since moved to start anew, keeping this stunning and unique pottery style alive. Asemi Artisan Soma-yaki cups are made by Kyoko Kondo of Kyōgetsu Kiln, in the Fukushima prefecture.